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Making a good difference in the world is important to us. Seeing people do well and achieve goals mean a lot to us. Therefore, our mission is to  focus on Race Relations and helping people build new businesses, as well as, stay in business is what we do. Our firm specializes in helping corporations and small businesses with all their legal needs and help you in all your business endeavors.

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Attorney Roy Miller

With more than 25 years experience, Roy primarily focuses on Race Relations and Business Law.


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Race Relations in the Business environment, and in Society is our focus; as well as, legal representation of businesses. We've been practicing business law for over 25 years and we've found that our clients truly appreciate the time and effort we put into every aspect of their business. We're here to help you succeed and that's something we don't take lightly.

At Attorney Roy Miller we are here to listen to your needs and help you accomplish your business goals in any way we can.  We know that starting a business can be tough on your wallet,  and we've got a number of different options that you and your company can review to keep costs as low as possible.


Roy Miller , J.D.

P.O. Box 6362

Macon, Georgia 31208

(478) 745-2402



John Marshall Law School Atlanta, GA

J D (1987 – 1990)


Beacon College, Washington, D.C.

Graduate work in Social Psychology (1983)


Mercer University, Macon, GA

B.A. Sociology – B.A., Art   (1979 – 1983)


Atlanta School of Radio and Television Broadcasting, Atlanta, GA

Second Class FCC License; Diploma (1977 – 1978)


Research Interests


Race Relations

Civil Rights

Criminal Justice

Race Relations in Business






Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, GA (07/90 – Present)  


Criminal Justice Department Lecturer

Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Race Relations and Business Law.


Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA. (07/07 – 01/12)

Adjunct Instructor

Business Law (Contract Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property, Consumer Law and Civil Procedure)


Central Georgia Technical College, Macon, GA (03/01 – 06/02)

Adjunct Instructor

Juvenile Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.


Roy Miller, J.D.

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Attorney Roy Miller, P.C., Macon, GA. and Atlanta, GA (07/90 – Present)  

Private Practitioner

Consult and represent clients in the areas of Juvenile Law, Criminal Law, Consumer Law and Business Law.


Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, Atlanta, GA (08/87 – 10/91)

Senior Information Specialist

Processed verbal and non-verbal complaints.  Non-verbal interview information included a statement of the issues and allegations involved a summary of the evidence, an evaluation of the evidence and specific findings of facts.  Consults were conducted with administration about interpretation of programmatic rules, regulations and policies. 

Interned under Office of Consumer Affairs attorney with concentration in the area of Business Opportunity, Franchise and Multi Level contracts.  Responded verbally and non-verbally to questions presented by attorneys, state and county program officials, departmental representatives, claimants and the general public concerning complaints.  Operated under OCA requirements and procedures.  Conducted field investigations.  Counseled and performed paralegal duties, including mediation involving disputes between consumers and businesses.





My Diary of Inspirational Considerations. (Xlibris, 09/20/12)



Discourage the N-Word Usage, Pure News USA (06/06)
Black Fraternities, Sororities and Others Asked to Discourage N-Word Usage, Tri-County Sentry, Ventura , California (05/20/06)
Black America:  A Cure For What Hurts, Frost Illustrated, Fort Wayne, Indiana (01/01/04)
Integration Has Been Cruel to Black America; New Pittsburgh Courier, (01/23/05)
I Support Bill Cosby, but…, Pittsburgh Courier (08/11/04
The Cure for What’s Been Hurting Black America, The Voice, Richmond, VA (08/11/04


Textbook Inclusions


Fixing English: Prescriptivism and Language History (2014)
Who's to Say What's Obscene?: Politics, Culture, and ... by  Paul Krassner (2013)
Undressing The N-word: Revealing the Naked Truth About ... by H. Lewis Smith (2015)
Don Imus Meets Michael Richards by Paul Krassner (05/11) ...
List of people from Macon, Georgia by World Heritage . (2015),% ...

 Roy Miller, J.D.

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Periodical Inclusions


Featured: Two Page article in President Obama’s former Church Magazine (Trumpet (09/06))
Dr. Kay show on Radio 1240 WCEM-AM, Baltimore, Maryland--hour Interview the day after Baltimore Riots (04/28/15 10am EST)
The Real Reason America Still Has A Race Relations Problem.
Featured in two-page article in Omega Psi Phi Fraternity National Magazine, ORACLE (2007)
What the Civil Unrest in Baltimore Tells Us About the State of Race Relations, EURweb.

What the Civil Unrest in Baltimore Tells Us About the State of Race Relations, U.S. News and World Report/U.S. News Daily U.S. News
Funk & Wagnalls Removes “Nigger” From Dictionary:  Georgia Informer (05/06/94)
White N.Y. Teen Accused of Hate Crime Using ‘N-Word as Greeting’ in Defense by Leonard Greene, Black America (Web, 05/24/06)
Lawyer Wants N-Word Deleted by Robert Redding, Jr, Macon Telegraph (10/27/01)
Georgia Lawyer Fights to Delete “N” Word by Robert Redding, Jr., The Washington D.C. Informer (8/1/01)
Questions of Origin and Effectiveness by Brian Willoughby, (02/11/03)
Black America: We Scare Me,  Exodus Newsmagazine, (2005)
Black America:  We Scare Me – Drudge Report, (2005)
Baltimore Passes N-Word Resolution, Atlanta Daily World (08/15/02)
Baltimore City Council Bans use of “N” Word, Associated Press, The Mississippi Link (07/25/02)
Baltimore City Council Bans Use of “N” Word: by Gretchen Parker, AP Macon, Telegraph (07/17/02)
Fixing English: Prescriptivism and Language History (2014 )
Who's to Say What's Obscene?: Politics, Culture, and ... by Paul Krassner

Django Director Gets An Open Letter About His Use Of The N-Word, CBS - Atlanta




Resolution from the City of Baltimore, MD 0(8/02)
Letter of Appreciation from Democrat New York City Councilman, Leroy Comrie (02/07)
National Leadership Award --National Republican Senate Committee (2006 )




First and only person to succeed at having the “N”-word deleted from a major dictionary--Funk & Wagnall's Dictionary (1994).Roy Miller , J.D.